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Rob & Joelle

Rob & Joelle

Rob Grant

Home Town:

London, England

Favourite Drink

Coke Zero



Home Town

Strathmore, AB

Favourite Music

Ingrid Michaelson



Joelle: Not all girls are made of sugar & spice & all things nice. Some girls are made of adventure, gratitude, laughter and beer!

Rob: I refused to write a bio, so I asked the NOW! Family to write one for me:

“Rob knows when he’s made a mistake and is smart enough to know when enough is enough. Hence he Is back home in Edmonton.”

“Rob derives great pleasure in tormenting his co-host; frequently forcing her to do bad karaoke 🙁 :)”

“Rob is a Canadian British man who loves sports and picking on fellow hosts. Full of knowledge and humor.”

“Rob is British but does not know Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch. Which saddens me.”