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Marika & Brayden

Evenings & Weekends

Marika & Brayden

Home Town


M: Edmonton
B: Vancouver  (Burnaby, actually, but do people know where that is?)

Favourite Music

M: The Beatles
B: Coldplay

Favourite Drink


M: Guinness OR Chocolate Milk
B: Grizzly Paw’s Raspberry Ale

Favourite Book


M: The Little Book of Hygge
B: Life of Pi (If I HAD to pick, I don’t read much)



I love cats, beards, bearded cats (is that a thing yet?) and Guinness. 

I also really love my family. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but when running down my friends list my parents are totally on it. Most people in their early 20’s go to Mexico with other young adults. I invited my parents to go to Mexico with me and we played crib on the beach every day…it was perfect.   




I love: self-deprecating humor… so I do NOT love myself.  Jk Jk, I just don’t take myself too seriously. My favorite thing though is making people smile and a pump session at the gym.

When I’m not at work you’ll find my in my bedroom playing Mario Cart, or making hilarious Instagram stories (or so I’ve been told).

I’m also currently looking to become a better chef, so if you’re down to test out my skills, hit me up on Twitter or Instagram!

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