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Every year, we like to Pay It Forward. We offer up a thousand dollars to a NOW!family member in need.

Here is the twist.

You nominate someone that you believe needs some help this Christmas.

They may be going through a tough time or perhaps have helped you in the past. Whatever the reason, take a moment and fill out the info below and tell us the story. We will be in contact if you get selected and you will join us on the air to give the money to your nominee.

We need to know your name, THEIR name, both of your phone numbers, and the story of why you’re nominating them. Give us all the details.( The form is below the Soundcloud link)


The Pay It Forwards are on the air NOW…or listen to them whenever you want, right here!

Your Phone Number:
WHO You're Nominating:
THEIR Phone Number:
Tell us about your nomination:
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